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unter dem Datum 17.02.06 kannst man das Orginal Patent von Hans Coler runterladen als PDF

02/17/06 - Found! Hans Coler German Patent DE680,761 (1939)
(In a continuing stream of incredibile discovery, Bob Nelson at Rex Research has found another 'lost' patent that might lead to an overunity device. Thanks Bob for the headsup! Now for the problem, its in German! Strom = river, Stromquellen = power sources. So if anyone can translate this for Bob to post, we'd all appreciate it! One other thing, referring to the Stromzeuger, compare the circuit in this photo to the claims of separated, earth pole aligned magnets with the Roy Meyer 'Absorber' patent (also rediscovered by Bob Nelson), posted earlier on KeelyNet and on Rex Research under new information. - JWD) Coler Paper - The Invention of Hans Coler, Relating to an Alleged New Source of Power. Coler is the inventor of two devices by which it is alleged electrical energy may be derived without a chemical or mechanical source of power. Coler was visited and interrogated. He proved to be cooperative and willing to disclose all details of his devices, and consented to build up and put into operation a small model of the so-called "Magnetstromapparat" [Magnet Power Apparatus] using material supplied to him by us, and working only in our presence. With this device, consisting only of permanent magnets, copper coils, and condensers in a static arrangement he showed that he could obtain a tension of 450 millivolts for a period of some hours; and in a repetition of the experiment the next day 60 millivolts was recorded for a short period. The apparatus has been brought back and is now being further investigated. Coler also discussed another device called the "Stromzeuger", from which he claimed that with an input of a few watts from a dry battery an output of 6 kilowatts could be obtained indefinitely. Coler stated that his researches (apparently conducted with crude apparatus) into the nature of magnetism had lead him to conclude that ferro-magnetism was an oscillating phenomenon, of frequency about 180 kilohertz. This oscillation took place in the magnetic circuit of the apparatus, and induced in the electrical circuit oscillations the frequency which of course depended on the values of the components used. These two phenomena interacted, and gradually built up the tension. Coler stated that the strength of the magnets did not decrease during the use of the apparatus; and suggested that he was tapping a new sort of energy hitherto unknown "Raumenergie" (Space-energy).


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