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Mit Babelfish kann man den russischen Text immerhin ins Englische übersetzen.
Aus dem daraus entstehenden Kauderwelsch entnehme ich, dass es noch kein funktionsfähiges Modell gibt.


On this page we present to your attention the magnetic engine, which according to the concept appears the so-called "perpetual motion machine".
Here you will find its images, patent, and also you learn as are passed his production and testing.
Already there are it videosyuzhet the models with a volume of 670 KB, the demonstrating principle of the work of engine.

Commentaries to videosyuzhetu:
Black pointer on the disk indicates the position of piston. It is evident that with the closed shutter the piston stably is located in the upper position, and shutter renders the valuable screening of magnets, fulfilling the functions described by me. Further, with the discovery of shutter piston accomplishes reciprocating motion. The stored energy of flywheel continues to move piston to the upper position. Work: the displacements of the shutter = of 0,444 George, the displacement of piston = 1,251 J. izmereni were made on this model.
On the models no some of know-how, which considerably decrease the work of the displacement of shutter, without influencing the work of piston. Data of change were checked on this model.
That that I make with hand, it must make the cam gear, indicated in the diagram in the patent. Energy it will extract from the shaft of engine, which it will be sufficient and for the useful work
Proposals to the collaboration start!


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